Sunday, June 10, 2007

the most beautiful flower in the land

jacquelene i met her through a broken connection and never thought of the love that would sprout things we found within eachother amazed our minds and our own little pieces of eachother floated around us my flower is delicate but so much to say about her the loveliness she exudes like the perfume it sends the prettiest one in all of the fields..her petals floated away and mine caught them..and we put them back together and she fixed mine too. now that we're so connected i dont know what to do..who will repair me when i break down..who is going to mend my petals back to me..and her perfume is always with me and it helps me hope spark even the tiniest bit when i need warmth..nothing that we will do is able to unravel our tightly woven threads that tie us still young and i still grow like the sprout..but jackys the sun and all i need to keep me warm and hopeful..i never thought i would find my identity in someone else..i never knew if i would like it..somehow i found it..we found something meant to be..and we both loved it..a friendship that ive always wanted and never had never thought happiness its in jacky

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